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Aischtaler horseradish and canning factory Lutz

In 1965, the well-known Bavarian horseradish producer, the Kobmann company, was taken over by Joseph and Anneliese Lutz. Led in 2. Generation by Joseph Lutz. Ramona Lutz, who has been working at the company since 2006, has now been manageress since 2017.

Our decades of experience in processing horseradish, have paved the way for us. Our company headquarter has always been located in Germany's largest horseradish-growing area.


In-house production

The horseradish is delivered by trucks from the farmers in the region, and immediately checked for quality. Horseradish is harvested only twice a year, in late autumn and spring. We pay special attention to the professional and gentle storage in our cold store at temperatures of approximately -2°C. The controlled, freshly harvested, and state-of-the-art storage guarantees the best raw material for further processing into our products. The high storage standard and the best possible hygienic processing guarantee our high brand quality level.

Our company has been IFS certified for several years as well as certified by the german institute for sustainability and economy. Quality controls are carried out several times a day. Quality management has always been an essential part of our company.

We are a worldwide exporting company (e.g., Germany, Austria, Italy, Australia). We have specialized ourselves in the needs of large-scale consumers. We supply our customers worldwide - some of them for decades. Our quality standards and excellent price-performance ratio have made us what we are today.

We have worked hard to earn our reputation and we are proud of it!

We would be happy to welcome you at our factory sale in Uehlfeld. There you can find our horseradish products as well as spices and herbs.